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Why us?
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Why should You choose Us?

If any of these questions the answer is yes - you're probably in the right place:

  • Are you for the first time in Poland?
  • Did you come to work in Poland and you don`t know how to organise your life here?
  • You don`t have time to plan and organise your arrival and visit in Poland by yourself?
  • You have a visitor from abroad, who would like to set up business in Poland?
  • You don't know how to spend your free time in Poland?
  • Would you like to set up business in Poland?
  • Would you like to set up gastronomy business in Poland?
  • Would you like to buy goods or services in Poland?
  • You don`t know how to handle your matters in polish offices?
  • You don`t know how to handle your formalities in Poland?
  • You don`t have time for bureaucracy?
  • You feel overwhelmed by number of forms and documents you need to fill ?
  • You feel confused in formal procedures?
  • Would you like to organise banquet, conference, socializing event etc.?
  • Are you looking for premises or you need a help to refit it ?
  • You need to organise employee training?
  • You need to recruit employees?
  • You want to come to the Polish Trade Fair, the Congress, the Conference ?
  • Would you like to come to Poland for medical purposes? Perform the operation for medical reasons or cosmetic surgery? You want to use innovative forms of weight loss in Poland?
Start Your business

Start Your business

Do You want to open a business in Poland, and You don't know how to deal with official matters and how to handle the official formalities? If You are not a citizen of Poland and You are just passing by this land or You have chosen to settle down in here or to set up Your business in our country. Our company will assist You in completing the formalities connected with the stay in Poland. We assume all formalities for the legalization of stay without the overhead of reporting to us foreigners. We collect and prepare all the required documents so we can submit them to the competent authorities. All we need is a set of information necessary to complete the required documents. We also provide consultancy services, to avoid disappointment and mistakes in the future. Legalization of stay is a service aimed at both businesses and individuals arriving on Polish territory. The legal basis for legalization of stay is valid Aliens Act. We provide comprehensive support for foreign nationals who come into Polish from the European Union and also outside the EU. Support for the foreigners relates primarily to provide assistance in obtaining permanent residence card or citizenship. Moreover we support with our knowledge of the law all the personalities who would like get work permition for foreigner. We are cooperating with highly qualified and experienced lawyers who are specialised in solving even the most difficult problem that could happen to foreigners.

On behalf of the employer and foreigner we handle the following issues:

  • Visas to Poland,
  • Schengen visa,
  • temporary residence permition for citizens from outside the European Union based on:
    • marriage,
    • work permition,
    • studying,
    • others
  • permit for settling down in Poland,
  • permit for long-term residence,
  • registration of the European Union citizens,
  • permanent residence permition for the European Union citizens,
  • residence cards,
  • work permition,
  • getting VAT identification numbers in Poland (NIP) and REGON numbers,
  • getting polish nationality and certificate of citizenship,
  • certificate of non criminal record,
  • certificates from Inland Revenue,
  • copies of all documents issuanced in Poland like civil status certificates (birth certificates,marriage certificates, death certificates), school certificates and diplomas, copies from land registers and others,
  • document exchange
  • getting Polish social security number (PESEL),
  • settling down foreginers
  • administration and settle the formalities related with accommodation,
  • registration of residence cases,
  • economic, law, technical and many other bussines/scientific-related translations in many languages,

Running a business by foreigners:

Running a business by foreigners:

You would like to set up a business in Poland and you don`t know how to deal with official matters or settle the formalities?
We guarantee solid legal service and professional advice in running a business in Poland for foreign entrepreneur,who would like to set up a business in Poland. Our vast knowledge about polish and global market allows us to give effective aid. This allows our clients to successfully implement their bussiness idea in new area.

  • professional advice for entrepreneur setting up a business in Poland
  • entrance to the polish market for a new forign company
  • taking over companies present on the market
  • setting up firm or company
  • assistance in obtaining NIP and REGON number
  • tax clearance certificate
  • ZUS clearance certificate
  • we have experience in setting up gastronomy business and other kind of business

  • Combining professional expertise with the knowledge of the needs of the company allows us to offer services of the highest standards. Building and maintaining positive and clear relationships with our clients enables us to meet their expectations. With us you can avoid a lot of unnecessary stress. With our help you will make yourself at home in Poland.

Services for foreign clients

Services for foreign clients (companies)

  • Commercial mediation

  • You are looking for products of reputable polish producers? You are in the right place. For our foreign partners we were looking for various products from food, alcohol, clothing (including Workwear) industry, finishing materials (like doors, windows, bathroom fittings and fixtures), energy products (including coal or power generators), cattle and others.
    Just tell us what you are looking for. We will do market research and tell you about opportunities. On your behalf we will conduct negotiations with suppliers and will oversee beneficial for you to sign contracts. Later, we can also represent your interests on Polish territory in the implementation of signed contracts.
    • Recruitment and training

    • You don`t have time to find employees by your own? Just tell who you need and we will find suitable worker for you. We have experience in recruiting managers, specjalists, workers. We are cooperating with temporary workers agencies and Bebjobs company for recruiting IT specjalists.
      You would like to have a professional staff? We are happy to take care of this, because we are cooperating with the best employee trainers in the market. If you would like to improve some skills in your team contact with us.We will come, conduct an audit and prepare employee training and improve your workers knowledge.
      • We are helping in finding and buying premises or lands

      • You are foreigner and would like buy flat, premise or land? We will help you in finding suitable place and to get all necessary permits required by law. We can even organise and conduct a renovation or adaptation tailored to your needs and requirements. We are cooperating with architecture companies, construction and renovation companies.
        • We are also skilled in setting up gastronomy business.


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